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Qual o generico do brondilat y cadeias e a comunico do cada tecnico. The other one is that government aware of a terrorist attack going to train. The security police are in contact with it order to evacuate from the station before time this article mentions. The Minister of Interior wants to say that there is a risk, but the same minister does not want to make a statement the public. general public was warned about the risk of an extremist attack at the eriacta 100mg sildenafil citrate tablets train station in Barq Azour as well, but they were not told in detail what kind or the specific method of targeting and the other details that are now being mentioned in the newspaper. The minister who was originally told here is Minister of Tourism, Iman, who was informed separately over a phone call. If the terrorist attacks succeed, then tourism sector will have problems since terrorists used the word 'martyr' before attacks. tourist industry will have problems of this kind especially since the terrorist does not want to hide his motives and prefers to commit an attack rather than flee from Paris. If the terrorist attack succeeds this will be just a new version of what is now happening in places like London. On the first day of terrorist attacks in Paris, around four people were killed at the Bataclan, while four people were killed and 130 others injured. In fact, on the 24th of December 2015, four bombs went off in a crowded restaurant Paris. After that, the terrorists burned restaurant at center of the main square in downtown Paris as well the center of Paris, on Champs-Élysées, in the suburb of Saint-Denis, front one the biggest museums in world, and on the Champs de Mars. At that point, the Paris prosecutor released a statement reading, that: 'The terrorists attacked three places, of particular value to France, in different moments. First, inside the theatre on Boulevard des Festivals. Second, the Fêtes in heart of city." The terrorists didn't know that on the other side of city victims were eating their Christmas food at a market. In other words, the four terrorists targeted them randomly in the heart of Paris. At a time that thousands of people were arriving at the Christmas markets. In night, it also happened that more and people were going for a night concert at the Bataclan hall. When Nome generico do atorvastatina they found out went back to the Stade de France stadium which is a very big square surrounded by many restaurants. These places were also deliberately targeted during the terrorist act. 'Martyr', 'soldier', 'holy warriors' – those are the words that terrorist use all the time in every attack that he tries in France. an interview with the journalist, terrorist said that following words were his motto: I am the second coming. What does that mean in a political perspective? It means that they are waiting for the government's orders whether to drop bombs on Syria the Islamic State or to launch an attack in the West, whether it is in Nice or somewhere else. This was exactly the point that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi pointed out in the last statement he made to his faithful on the 12th of September 2015, which was delivered via a recording made by the ISIS chief. 'When Islamic Caliphate was announced and called for by Allah to be the last stronghold of his followers in the world, you were going to do the best you had for Muslims. ' This means that the terrorist knows how war of religion is fought. He has an idea about how the Muslims will retaliate: They are going to attack those who are carrying out the attacks in France, who are the crusaders of Islamism – like the Muslims in West, people who carry out strikes against the terrorists in Syria. And they are planning to attack the West in London or other places. And those who are planning these attacks in the Western countries will use words, that is, 'martyr', 'soldier' or 'holy warriors'. In this case, what they really mean is terrorist, extremist or Islamist. We know that the perpetrators of bombings, as well the terrorists and their helpers have used the word 'martyr' before in order to justify terrorism. the most recent instance, they were holding a rally in Kobanê, the countryside of Syria, a civilian city approximately 4 million people, where they had prepared to commit massacres, and in the end attacks were stopped by a force from YPG (People's Protection Units), the Kurdish militia that is fighting against ISIS. There are other examples, too, as the terrorist group calls itself ISIS [Islamic State, which is of Turkish origin]. We have already seen their names called by a Syrian refugee who was killed as he travelled to Turkey from the 'Gulbad', a village.

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